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    Where is my order?

    If you know your order ID you may track your order right now:

    When your order is ready to ship you will see a green button with a link to and your tracking information.

    What does my order status mean?

    Healthy Order Statuses:

    Processing - Your order has not yet begun the shipping process.  This is the only status in which an order may be cancelled.
    Sent To Warehouse - Your order has begun the shipping process.  It has been sent to our warehouse for picking.
    Your Order Is Being Picked - Your order is in the process of being picked.
    Your Order Is Awaiting Fulfillment - Your order contains ONLY pre-order items and is awaiting the on sale date listed on your preorder items. 
    Please check your order here to see on sale dates for your items.
    Shipped In Stock Items - Your order contained a mix of in stock items and pre-order items.  Those items that were in stock have been shipped and charged.  There are remaining un-shipped items in your order.
    Complete - All items in your order have shipped.

    Order Review Order Statuses:

    Pending Payment Review - This order is under review for credit card authorization.  This order will not ship until it moves out of this status.
    Pending Warehouse Review - This order is under review for address authorization.  This order will not ship until it moves out of this status.

    Cancel or Refunded Order Statuses:

    Cancelled - This order has been cancelled and all authorizations voided.  No charges were made.
    Closed - This order has been fully refunded (all items ) and all charges refunded.
    On Hold - This order was held under review and cancelled.  No shipments or charges were made.

    If your order is in a Cancel status or remains in a Review status for more than 48 hours, please contact us.

    Where is the rest of my order?

    If you have received only a portion of your order and have items outstanding, please note there are two likely reasons for this:

    • - You have one or more items that were advertised as being available for pre-order when your purchase was made.  These items would have had a date posted on the product, in the cart and also in the order confirmation email.  Before filing a lost package claim, please check your order status here to see if your items are pre-ordered.
    • - If you are certain you have no pre-orders and more than 2 business days have passed since the tracking confirms your delivery, we should treat your package as lost.

    Cancelling an order

    We are unable to cancel any order that has begun the shipping process.  Only orders in the status of Processing may be cancelled.

    There are two ways to cancel your order if it qualifies: 

    1) The Order Confirmation email you received contains a link to cancel your specific order (this link is dynamic and you must obtain it from the email).

    2) Check your order status here. If your order status is Processing, you will see a link directly under the order number and to the right of 'reorder' that says 'cancel order'.  If this link is not present and your order is not in the status of Processing, this order cannot be cancelled.

    In either case, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to confirm the cancellation.  This will then redirect you to a confirmation page and you should receive an email within 1 hour confirming your cancellation.

    If you are attempting to cancel a PayPal order, or a pre-order item that is scheduled to ship more than 2 business days from now or your order was eligible for cancellation but the cancellation returned an error message, please click here to submit a form requesting assistance on this matter.

    Changing an order

    Once an order has been placed, we are unable to edit it for any reason in any way.  If you have placed an erroneous order, please if eligible request a cancellation or otherwise return the items for refund.

    Shipping rates & policies


    Please note all orders ship via UPS and are subject to UPS service levels.

    We cannot be responsible for delays in UPS service.

    Please note warehouse does not ship on weekends or major holidays.

    Expedited orders MUST be submitted no later than NOON ET to count that day in the shipping computations. 

    Only business days are included in the shipping computations.

    Please allow 2-3 business days for order handling & processing in addition to the times below (except rush orders).

    Services offered on the site for shipments in the Domestic United States Only are:

    • 1-5 Business Days

    Delivery based on distance to destination


    2 Business Days

    Delivery typically by end of day


    1 Business Days

    Delivery typically by end of day


    *Free shipping offers apply to UPS Ground orders over a certain amount

    Lost or stolen packages

    If your package has been lost after being shipped, and you have been charged for the items, we will assist in finding or promptly replacing your purchase.

    A package should be considered lost if:

    • - It shows as delivered to the wrong location
    • - It shows as delivered to you more than 2 business day ago
    • - It is 'stuck' in the UPS system for more than 5 business days

    Please file a lost package report to log the claim. 

    We will research the shipment, attempt to find it, and failing recovery issue a credit to you in the form of gift card or tender-type refund.  Gift card reimbursements are eligible for price adjustments related to the lost purchase.

    Please expect 3-4 business days for a representative to assist you.

    Wrong or damaged item(s)

    If you have recieved the wrong item(s) or your goods arrived signficantly damaged, please accept our apologies and submit the claim below immediately.

    The erroneous or damaged part of your order is eligible for a full refund with all restocking fees waived within the standard return time window.  Please note that for an item to be 'wrong' it must be a different UPC than what was ordered.

    If you your items were not mis-shipped or damaged, but rather one or more items is missing, please read here instead.

    International shipments

    We are unable to offer service to Non-US billing addresses, ship-to-addresses, ultimate destinations via forwarders or credit card issuers at this time.  Please note that other regions of the world may be serviced by a regional distributor or licensee.

    Return instructions & policy

    Packages postmarked within 21 days of your actual delivery date (as confirmed by will be eligible for a return to the original tender type subject to a restocking fee of $6.95 per order unless specifically advertised.  We only accept returns for purchases delivered within the last 21 days and originally purchased from this website.  We cannot assist with other retailer purchases.  Goods must be returned in sellable condition in original packaging to be eligible for refund (with exception of damaged or misshipped goods )

    Each package contains a packing slip and a prepaid return label.  Kindly place the prepaid label on the outside of the sealed and postal ready box with your returned items and copy of the packing slip enclosed.  Please indicate which items you are returning for cross-reference.  Always retain the tracking numbers and confirmation emails for your records.  Deliver the package to your postal carrier or nearest facility.

    After 21 days, your return and refund will be processed and returned to your tender type.  You will receive an email to confirm.  Please do not send inquiries concerning returns until either you can confirm the return package has been lost in transit per the tracking numbers or 21 days have passed since your postmark date without receiving an email to confirm your credit.

    All refunds are issued to original tender type. 

    If you need a replacement label click here.

    If you decide to pick your own shipping method, we suggest you return via Priority mail and request a delivery confirmation tracking number. This will allow you to track your package back to us. Please note we are not responsible for lost/undelivered packages that do not have a tracking number. 

    You can mail your package to the address below: 

    Returns Center
    1248 South River Road
    Cranberry NJ, 08512


    While we are unable to facilitate true exchanges online, we are happy to credit a reimbursement of the restocking fee for customers wishing a replacement purchase.

    To 'exchange' goods in this way, please follow these steps:

    1. Return your existing order using the process outlined here.
    2. Submit an exchange fee waiver request below
    3. Use the code that will be emailed to you on your next purchase to deduct the $6.95 fee from that order.

    Please note, you must wait for and use the code in step 2 to waive the fee. 
    We cannot waive it retroactively.

    Return labels

    You should have received a prepaid return label with your package.  If you did not, or lost or discarded yours, we would be happy to email you a new one so that you may return your package.

    Don't worry, once you have logged your request we will accept your return (subject to a reasonable delay) within an extended window as we facilitate your request.

    Please allow 1-2 business days.

    Restocking fees

    With the exception of mis-shipped goods, damaged goods or lost packages, all returns are subject to a restocking fee of $6.95 per order

    This is to cover a portion of the expense of shipping, receiving, paying for return postage and restocking the goods and will be charged in all cases.

    Where is my refund?

    PLEASE WAIT 21 DAYS FOR YOUR REFUND TO APPEAR ON YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT and your refund email to be sent from the date you send in your return.

    Please allow up to 7 days for transit and 14 days for your return item to be received into our facility and processed.  It must be inspected for condition and your card credited for the purchase.  YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL when your refund is issued.

    If, after 21 days from the date you postmarked your return, you do not yet see a credit or an email referring to same, please contact us.

    Please note: Agents do not have returns information until your return is posted and may not submit a refund claim until 21 days have passed.

    Billing questions & inquries

    We do not charge credit cards upon order and we do not store credit card numbers on file.

    When you place an order with us, we place an authorization hold for the full amount of the purchase in order to verify availability of funds.  This hold will remain on your card until the order is complete or an appropriate amount of time passes (per your bank's policies).

    In accordance with Visa/MC/Discover/Amex guidelines, we charge your card as we ship items to you.  With many orders this looks like a traditional transaction.

    When your order contains preorder items, which are clearly labeled throughout the purchase cycle, you will definitely see a significant amount of time between the initial purchase and the fulfillment.  This may result in the appearance of a double charge.

    Additionally, if your order contains one or more preorder items, you may see more than one charge as we charge your card against the original authorization only as we ship items to you.  At no time should these charges ever exceed the original purchase as detailed here.

    If, after reading the above, you still believe you have been charged in error please submit a billing inquiry.  A representative will research your case and be in touch to resolve within 5 business days.

    Price adjustments

    Due to the very promotional nature of the site, we are unable to issue price adjustments on prior orders.

    This includes orders where a customer neglected to enter a code, where a price changed after an order was placed or where a price may have been advertised incorrectly on a 3rd party website.

    The only instances in which an order is eligible for price adjustments are:

    •     - Replacement of lost packages
    •     - Replacement of mis-shipped or damaged items
    •     - Exchanges
    •     - Price advertised incorrectly in our emails
    •     - Cancels due to stock availability

    If your purchase qualified under any of these conditions, please submit a price adjustment request below.

    General inquries

    Want to talk to us?  We would love to hear from you.

    For all inquiries of a non-urgent nature please submit your request here.  We will route your request to the appropriate department and attempt to solicit a response within 5 business days when appropriate.